What is RTT

RTT is a hybrid therapy system that offers unparalleled transformative results, without medication, that are rapid and permanent.

In most cases just one session will give you noticeable and remarkable freedom from your condition. At most you may require 2nd or a 3rd session where there maybe multi – layered manifestation of symptoms. Then we are done!

The list of concerns and conditions below are only an indication of what RTT can help to overcome. In fact, RTT can work on any area of your life that you feel you need help with whether, it’s a longstanding issue or something one off, such as preparing for an important event in your life. eg. child birth, a surgery, an exam, an interview, a sports competition, a wedding and such.

You see, RTT works with your subconscious beliefs. RTT doesn’t aim to label or form a judgement about anything that you are experiencing. Its’ singular aim is help you discover the exact and accurate beliefs that are sabotaging your ability to live a fulfilling happy & peaceful life. Once you understand what they are, you become empowered to release them and replace them with beliefs that you desire. With a new updated belief system, you will easily and automatically find a noticeable change in your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This change in you, will transform your life including your physical health.

Your subconscious mind is the powerhouse of your life. It has an exact and in real-time impact on your physical body and mental health. So, working with the powerhouse to change how it is programmed makes sense. In RTT, we never say that we can heal physical ailments and mental disorders. We as therapists are highly skilled and trained to help you change your programming. The task of healing and improving your mental and physical health is the responsibility of your mind. If it has the power to create the issues and conditions. It also has an outstandingly powerful ability to remove them as well.

You have to experience a session of RTT to realise the miracles of your own mind. Like a magic wand, it can grant you your wish for health and freedom. Also, this experience will give you a higher awareness of the impact of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. You will be able to train yourself to collaborate with your mind better, with a knowing that you have the power to choose what you ‘let in’ and what you simply ‘let go’.

Transformation through RTT is rapid, often instant but it also continues to work positively on your life into the future in increments. You may realise how much only as you look back in time.

I want you to answer the following questions:

  • Do you believe you can be free and happy from whatever you are facing?
  • Do you believe that RTT can indeed give you that freedom and set you on a path of health and happiness?
  • Do you have an absolute unshakeable commitment to participate in your own transformation 100%?

If the answer to all is a firm ‘Yes’, please Talk to me, so I can answer your questions and have an obligation-free chat with you.

How does RTT compare to conventional therapy?

RTT challenges the efficacy of conventional therapy which focuses on talking about the issues on and on sometimes for years about the storyline or history of experiences without resolving the client’s issues.

  • RTT deals with the ‘feeling mind’ (subconscious mind), understanding the root causes of the issues, whereas the conventional therapy deals with the logical mind.
  • RTT aims to disrupt, neutralise or make ineffective the hard-wired, negative and harmful emotions, feelings and beliefs attached to the storyline/experiences that a person may have carried with them sometimes for a very long time.
  • RTT makes possible the installation of positive productive and desired beliefs, emotions and feelings that a person wishes to espouse or identify with.
  • RTT works rapidly where a person may require one to three sessions generally to find freedom from a condition/mindset that blocks or holds them back.
  • Since RTT works with the subconscious mind, the new updated belief system is long lasting and permanent.