The Process

Talk to me

  • It all starts with you clicking on the 'Talk to me' link. I will then call you to answer the initial questions in your mind and you can tell me about your concerns.

Book a session

  • Click on 'Book a session' button. It is important to take some quiet time to fill up the form thoughtfully.


  • On acceptance of your application, a mutually convenient appointment will be confirmed by email

Therapy Session

  • The session begins with a brief (10 to 15 minutes) clarifying conversation about your concerns.


  • On your consent, I will induce a light to moderate hypnotic trance for you.
  • In hypnosis, you will feel deep relaxation and your focus becomes inward, deepening an awareness of your inner thoughts, feelings and state of mind.
  • Your stress and tension will drift and fade away, leaving you calm and peaceful.
  • This process of induction takes about 5 minutes.


  • For another 5 to 10 minutes, you will deepen your hypnosis and become comfortable with the suggestibility of your mind.


  • Together we will revisit and review 3-4 exact crucial memories, events, experiences and the related feelings and emotions from your past.


  • Together we will investigate the feelings and memories that come up. Your brilliant subconscious mind will help you understand the beliefs that are the root cause of your current concerns.


  • You will be able to release the harmful and hurtful beliefs.
  • Fresh, positive and desirable choices are available for suggesting to your mind that you want in your current life.
  • Tools and techniques are used to disrupt and neutralise those beliefs that you wish to be free from in your own voice and your own words.


  • A reframe of your mindset is narrated directly to your mind, setting you free from those limiting, harmful and hurtful beliefs that you no longer wish to have.


  • The session is concluded with a 15 – 30 minutes transformation narrative, which is simply a reinforcement to your subconscious mind in the present tense, the person you wished to be and the life you desire, moving forward – mentally or physically.

End of Session

  • The session concludes and you are brought back to your full conscious awareness, feeling wonderful and deeply relaxed.


  • An audio transcript of this transformation is given to you to listen to at least once every day for the next 21 days. to hard-wire the changes in your brain.

After Care

  • I remain in communication with you by email/telephone/text, within reason, in support for the next 30 days.
  • Two half hour coaching/mentoring sessions are available to you, should you need it, within the 30-day period. This is done via phone or Zoom conversation.