As your therapist, I will apply my knowledge, insight, experience and understanding to set you up for a successful, rapid, permanently transformative therapy experience. I am trained to embody the spirit of ‘what happened to you’ rather than ‘what is wrong with you’. Hence, I engage with you from a position of empathy and compassion; and without judgement. In RTT we do not label anyone or anything. Our sole motivation is to help you interact and collaborate with your ‘feeling mind’. Mostly clients are comfortable, confident and trusting to express their subconscious memories, events and experiences from the past with me as their therapist. Although there are occasions when a person in hypnotic trance may not feel comfortable to disclose every detail to me. This is completely acceptable, so long as, I am able to understand the emotions and feelings that come up in that context. All that you share with me in therapy or otherwise in any form of communication is always strictly private and confidential.

As a client your best and most remarkable transformation comes from your deep desire, personal commitment to wanting to be free. The transformative changes that you will experience after the session can be experienced instantly, incrementally or retrospectively - quite possibly in all three ways. A single session will produce noticeable changes, but it may require a second and a third session to fortify and fully cover the entire issue. Some people will choose to engage in up to five or seven sessions, but that circumstance, is not the norm.

And that’s it. We are done.