About me

As you are on this platform, you have already taken the first step to a better life – you have responded to your heart’s desire to improve your experience of life and so you search for the way.

I am a Rapid Transformational Therapist of the Marisa Peer Method, and with my insight, experience and passion for each of my clients, I am able to assist you on this journey.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

- Robert Frost

As you start to walk, the way appears…

- Rumi

No matter what issues you are facing, Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you easily, painlessly, without medication to find your freedom rapidly & permanently. Most people need just the one session. Some may choose to have 2 or 3.

I came to the profession of Psychotherapy via Hypnotherapy, from a place of extraordinary faith, and sense of life’s purpose. In my practice as a RTT therapist, I bring the quality of deep empathy and compassion of the lived experience, along with decades of insight and personal power, achieved through a regular yoga practise, meditation, and the many hats I’ve worn – businesswoman, property developer, radio host, sales & marketing executive, international flight attendant and dearest to me, the mother of two outstanding young adults. The learnings about human behaviour and science of the mind, as espoused by the remarkable Marisa Peer, who is a multi-award-winning therapist, founder and educator of the brilliant, unparalleled technique of RTT.  

 Also, I have spent 2 decades reading and learning from the likes of Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Brene Brown, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Gregg Braden and many other great scientific voices on the world stage.

My passion for RTT, the Marisa Peer Method comes from my own experience of the therapy, and the deep personal transformation that resulted.  After lifelong battles with difficult abusive family/marital circumstances, I experienced the phenomenal power of RTT and Hypnosis and became aware of the exacting role of my subconscious mind in creating my adult life experiences, despite all my conscious effort to live a very different life. Most significantly, I was able to acknowledge and understand how I formed negative, limiting beliefs as a young child about myself and the world. How I had attracted adverse life experiences in my adult life.  

Early life experiences, events, feelings and emotions had created my flawed belief system and despite migrating thousands of miles away to Australia, in young adulthood, those beliefs attracted the same abuse, neglect, manipulation and control.  This realization provided immense insights and put me on a journey of healing and empowerment, through which I was able to reconnect with my authentic self, while also ‘letting go’ the trauma of the past, breaking free from the pattern.

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to help facilitate extraordinary transformation in your life or that of a loved one , so life can be lived in freedom, balance and abundance. I can help adults or children at any stage of their journey to overcome their challenges rapidly without medication or prolonged investment of time and money. I just need you to bring your passionate desire to change your life… to become the healthiest version of you. The power is in you.

I am an Australian, born and brought up in India, located in Sydney in Northern Beaches/ North Shore.

Happy to connect with you for a 15-minute conversation, free of obligation.

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I am available for equally effective zoom sessions internationally in Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and other parts of United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other parts of United States. Enquiries from other places are welcome too.

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